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StephenorDate: Thursday, 2015-12-10, 6:36 AM | Message # 1
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Learn Spanish

隆Hola! Welcome to e Learn Spanish Language, written and web-mastered by Laura K. Lawless. This website includes free resources for students, teachers, and lovers of the Spanish language.Spanish LessonsListen to SpanishIncrease your Spanish fluency at home! Think Spanish Audio Magazine is a monthly magazine and audio CD that will help you improve your Spanish while learning about life in Spanish speaking countries.Think Spanish Audio MagazineLearn SpanishThere are a hundreds of word pairs that look similar in Spanish and English, but that mean very different things. Avoid misunderstandings with these explanations for five new false cognates: discusi贸n/discussion, equivocado/equivocal, nudo/nude, pie, and tabla/table.Falsos Amigos - <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> False CognatesSpanish comparatives and superlatives are fairly simple. Comparatives are the comparison of one thing to another (more, less, or as), while superlatives indicate that one person/thing is the most, best, least, or worst in comparison to others.Comparatives and SuperlativesCertain aspects of Spanish tend to be difficult for students, so here are some lessons to help you avoid making common Spanish mistakes.Spanish Mistakes and DifficultiesSpanish PracticeIf you're ready to use your Spanish in the real world, or you want to keep studying but can't afford traditional classes, consider don Quijote's work study program. By working in a Spanish hotel or country house, you can earn room and board, take intensive group Spanish classes, and get to use your Spanish in real-life situations.Spanish Work StudyJoin us in the forum, where you can practice your Spanish by chatting with others or taking mini-tests, ask your language questions, and meet other Spanish lovers from around the world.e Learn Spanish Language forumSpanish word of the dayTo learn a new Spanish word every day, <a href="">learn spanish online for free</a> bookmark this page!Learn SpanishHere's a checklist to help you get the most out of my Spanish for beginners lessons. It indicates the best order to study the lessons so that you learn the basics first and build <a href="">learn spanish for kids</a> from there:Spanish learning checklistFeatured AdvertiserWhile practicing your Spanish, consider brushing up <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> on your English, reading, writing and more general high school education subjects with Columbia North High School's free courses online.Columbia North High SchoolCopyright 漏 2002-2012 Laura K. LawlessAll rights reserved.About This Site

Added (2015-12-10, 6:36 AM)

I Teach You Spanish!I call these verbs the rebels; They
break so many rules you almost have to learn them one at a time.But no need to panic. If it helps,
remember we have them in English too:
Tell/told/told OR, wake/woke/woken.聽We
learned them as kids and took them for granted.
And so it should be with Spanish.
First the sentences...I will explain
later.Yo cierro la ventana cuando estudio porque hay mucho ruido afuera.I close the window when I
study because there's too much noise outsideTu piensas que los examenes son
muy dificiles?
Do you think the exams are too
difficult?Ellos juegan beisbol todas las
tardes a las 5They play baseball every evening at 5El recuerda todas las canciones
He remembers all the songsExplanationNoticed how the stem word e in
cerrar (close) changed to ie when
conjugated?A regular ar verb like caminar (walk)聽聽would
have the ar ending dropped like so:Yo camino, tu caminas, el camina, etc.Following that same,聽regular聽verb pattern <a href="">learn spanish words</a> and saying, 聽yo cerro, tu cerras
etc, would be INCORRECT.
Yo cierroTu cierrasEl cierraNosotros cerramosEllos cierranIn the second sentence we used pensar
we don't <a href="">learn spanish fast</a> just drop ar ending, instead we change the e to
ie:Yo piensoTu piensasEl piensaNosotros pensamosEllos piensanExamples:Short paragraph
using jugar (play)Las chicas juegan
en el parque con sus amigas todos los domingos. Mi mama las lleva en
su coche antes de ir a la iglesia.Algunas veces se
aburren un poco y caminan a la tienda a comprar dulces <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> y sodas.
Entonces mama pierde mucho tiempo esperando que
regresen del parque.The girls play
at the park with their friends every Sunday. My mom takes
them in her car before leaving to Church.Sometimes they get
bored and walk to the store to buy candy and sodas. (then, in this
case meaning when this <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> happens) my mom wastes a lot of time waiting
for them to get back to the park.See if you can
conjugate other irregular verbs.
Try these to start...Empezar (start)Encontrar (find)Entender
(understand)Querer (want)Next lesson:
Irregular verbs continuedHasta entonces!Luz

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