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Learn Spanish

12 million Livemocha members appreciate our simple, effective approach to Spanish learning. Choose a Livemocha course to build solid language skills. Every language lesson includes reading, writing, and speaking exercises, with courses for every skill level. Our language lessons will help you learn Spanish faster and build confidence to converse with native speakers.BeginnerBeginner SpanishLearn Spanish online with our beginner level Spanish courses even if you have little or no exposure to Spanish! You'll build a base of Spanish vocabulary and learn to put sentences together, introduce yourself and understand some beginner Spanish phrases. Beginner courses focus on Nouns, Negation, Adjectives, Plurals, Numbers, Careers, Prepositions, Conjugation and many more topics.IntermediateIntermediate SpanishLearn Spanish online with our intermediate Spanish courses. You'll begin to apply your knowledge by carrying on dialogues, following more complicated conversations, and learning more complex Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Intermediate courses focus on describing time, ask questions, people descriptions, give and ask directions, travel vocabulary, verbs and many more topics.Learn for TravelingLearn Spanish for TravelGoing <a href="">learn spanish fast</a> <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> to a Spanish-speaking country? Learn Spanish online with a Travel Crash Course to interact with locals, find your way around, see the sights, conduct business, make travel arrangements, and more. You can also practice Spanish with Spanish speakers from Livemocha's community of over 6 million international members. Put MP3s and videos of travel words and <a href="">learn spanish at home</a> phrases on your iPod or MP3 player and print out vocabulary lists to practice on the go.Practice Spanish with Spanish SpeakersThe Livemocha experience focuses on conversational proficiency by encouraging Spanish language learners to put their skills into action by connecting with real native speakers online. Each lesson builds on the next, and includes exercises with helpful tips and instructive <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> feedback from native speakers. There鈥檚 no better way to learn Spanish than by working with a Spanish speaker online to improve conversational skills, spelling, pronunciation, and grammar 鈥?and learn Spanish cultural tips as well!

Added (2015-12-09, 6:22 AM)

How To Learn Spanish: The GreetingFebruary 18, 2011

In your first attempt to learn Spanish, the first thing you will be taught about is greetings. What do you know if you don鈥檛 know how to say 鈥渉ello?鈥?Learning the greetings will help you to learn Spanish in its simplest form because you don鈥檛 have to worry about too many verb agreements or word orders. The greetings are taught in simple phrases. No extra words need to be looked up or added. As I said before, as you learn Spanish the first phrase you need to know is 鈥渉ello.鈥?In order to say that in Spanish, you would say, 鈥淗ola.鈥?

鈥淗ola鈥?can be used formally or casually to say hello to anyone you might run into. If you are trying to say hello on the phone, you might use 鈥渂ueno鈥?or 鈥渄iga. 鈥?

If you would like to say 鈥済oodbye鈥?in <a href="">learn spanish for kids</a> Spanish, you would say, 鈥淎di贸s.鈥?

If you would like to say, 鈥淗ow are you?鈥?you would say, 鈥?驴C贸mo est谩s?鈥?To say, 鈥淕ood afternoon.鈥?you would say, 鈥?Buenas tardes.鈥? To say, 鈥淕ood morning鈥?or 鈥淕ood day,鈥?you would say, 鈥淏uenos d铆as.鈥?鈥淕ood night鈥?in Spanish is buenos noches, and to ask what someone鈥檚 name is, you would say, 鈥溌緾贸mo te llamas?鈥?

Once you get these down, you will think it鈥檚 a breeze to learn Spanish, but you are in for some more complex terms a bit later on down the road. Other basics <a href="">learn spanish abroad</a> that you can start mastering are numbers, the alphabet, telling time, asking directions, gender, color, body parts, and family.

Learning these types of everyday terms will help you learn Spanish faster because you will able to practice these words everyday. People say hello and good night all of the time so you will feel comfortable practicing your Spanish often.

Later on, you will be able to form more complex greetings such as, 鈥淗ello, how are you are you doing?鈥?or 鈥淗i, the weather is pleasant today, isn鈥檛 it?鈥?

You can begin to get a little more advanced by asking 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up?鈥?or 鈥淲hat鈥檚 new?鈥?To say that in Spanish, you would say 鈥溌縌u茅 hay?鈥?If you want to say, 鈥淗ow鈥檚 it going?鈥?you would say, 鈥溌縌u茅 pasa?鈥?If you would like to say 鈥渘ice to meet you鈥?you would say 鈥淢ucho gusto.鈥?

Those are just a few of the more intermediate <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> level greetings that you will help you to learn Spanish while getting to know many different people.

In Spain, it鈥檚 often a common thing for people to kiss each other on both cheeks when they meet. However, men will usually shake hands. Even though people kiss each other often when they meet, they don鈥檛 do it all of the time. For instance in the context of a business meeting, you would not catch people kissing each other on the cheeks.

If you are in America, you may not <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> want to try kissing anyone as you learn Spanish, even if it鈥檚 another Spanish person. Most people of different cultures have gotten used to the American culture, and American鈥檚 usually don鈥檛 kiss when they first meet. However, should you visit Spain, you may want to try this. It will add to the fun as you learn Spanish.

Added (2015-12-09, 7:06 AM)

What Not to Do When <a href="">learn spanish fast</a> it Comes to an Online Spanish Lesson 鈥?3 Bad Things That Can Hurt Your Lesson

Choosing to sign up for an online Spanish lesson is a big jump into language learning, and I am sure it can be nerve wracking for some people, because this is a relatively new format.

Generally though, the internet when used in this way, provides an amazing set of resources for new language learners, and success comes easily. However,聽 there are <a href="">learn spanish words</a> 3 bad things that can make that first, or any other live lesson miserable, and they should be avoided whenever possible.聽

Do Not:

*聽 Be Late- A scheduled online Spanish lesson is a little bit different than a stand alone program. Just like in school, don鈥檛 be late. While their may not be harsh consequences like detention, lateness can annoy the instructor, and every minute you are late is a minute of instruction you miss out on.

* Be Unprepared- This is similar to being late, and may not apply if it鈥檚 your first lesson, however being unprepared is almost worse than being tardy.

If the student has not reviewed what was previously completed and has no idea where the <a href="">learn spanish free</a> new lesson is going, this, obviously is not making the most productive use of the time spent. Don鈥檛 waste the teacher鈥檚 time, or yours.

*聽 Have A Negative Attitude- The worst thing of all, and the one that can most drastically impact聽 an outcome. If a student shows up with a negative attitude, it shows the instructor that they probably would rather be doing something else, and are not interested in learning Spanish. If you sign up for a session like this, and then show <a href="">learn spanish free</a> up unwilling to learn and take direction, you are pretty much guaranteed to make no progress, and you most likely will not have a fan in your instructor either.

In order to achieve the maximum amount of success when learning Spanish over the internet in a live format that requires scheduled lessons and instructor feedback, avoid the 3 things above whenever possible, and you will be speaking Spanish well before you know it.

Added (2015-12-09, 7:38 AM)

Learn Spanish In SingaporeDo you love the Spanish culture? Want to finally learn the Spanish language?Or simply want to travel to Spain and be able to converse in Spanish?Ola, Learning a new language can seem very challenging- but it is possible, with some commitment and a competent teacher. Further, learning Spanish can actually be affordable, if only you could find a good teacher who could teach you effectively.

Learning Spanish May Be Simple Or Super Difficult- Depending On Your Teacher

Mastering the Spanish language is no simple task for most people- since the sentence and grammatical structure tends to vary from English, and there is a large amount of vocabulary to be learnt.

Starting off with the wrong concepts may actually cause you more harm in learning Spanish, as you may have to 鈥渦n-learn鈥?these later on. That鈥檚 the reason why, it鈥檚 really important <a href="">easiest way to learn spanish</a> to select a great Spanish teacher from the start.

Where Are All The Maestro Spanish Teachers?

Notably, most of the gifted, native-speaking Spanish teachers are either teaching privately, or on a part-time basis since it鈥檚 more flexible for their schedules. Hence, they only teach at certain locations and have very few available classes. Nevertheless, many have registered with us in our private list.

Selecting An Amazing Spanish Teacher

All our Spanish teachers have taught for at least two to three years. Many of them mastered effective teaching methods at top language institutes.

They also have attained a track record of satisfied students, a key criterion for selecting them.

How to Find Your Spanish Teacher

This is what you need to know:

1) Level of Knowledge

Are you starting out from zero knowledge of Spanish, or do you have some experience or background in speaking Spanish? Every student comes from a different background so there may be different levels of language mastery to consider.

2) Available Days and Times

We only schedule classes during times where most people are free- For working people, this means either weekday nights or weekends.

Complimentary: Personalized Spanish Class Matching ServiceImagine yourself standing in the middle of Madrid . You have finally made it to Spain, to a place rich in history and culture鈥?

As you take in the sights and sounds, <a href="">learn spanish online for free</a> you can鈥檛 help but appreciate that you made a decision some time back- The decision to learn Spanish, to immerse yourself fully in one of the most influential cultures in history鈥?

All this is definitely possible, if you enter your name in our contact form now (below).

We will even support <a href="">learn spanish for kids</a> you, after your Spanish lesson is confirmed.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in delivering 100% <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> top notch lessons to our customers. We want all our customers to enjoy learning Spanish and conduct timely spot checks, to ensure our teachers are performing satisfactorily.

If you want to learn Spanish in an enjoyable setting, sign up for our FUN course and you can learn Spanish in Just 10 Weeks!

Added (2015-12-09, 7:42 AM)

The Easiest Way To Learn Spanish - Do You Know It? | Learn Spanish
If you are looking for the easiest way to learn Spanish then you need to consider the reasons why you are trying to learn it. Some people think that there is no easy way to learn it. While it is definitely true that you will only get out of it what you put in, so you won鈥檛 get out of studying or working on conjugation. If you find the right program for you though, learning Spanish could be easy.

One of the easiest ways to learn Spanish is to start using it in your everyday life.聽 Start marking the objects you use daily with little notes that have what the object鈥檚 name is in Spanish.聽 When you see these little notes you will start associating the objects with their Spanish names.

Try making your grocery list out in Spanish, make out <a href="">learn spanish free</a> your to-do list in Spanish, and try to speak to yourself in Spanish when looking around at the park or the mall.聽 When you associate the words and the images of different items, you <a href="">learn spanish audiobook</a> are helping yourself remember them more clearly. This can also be a lot of fun, since finding the right Spanish for some items can be a bit of a challenge. You can even get together with friends and have a Spanish word scavenger hunt, where you hunt down items on a list that it in Spanish.

Another great way to make your learning experience more easy-going is to start incorporating Spanish in to your forms of entertainment.聽 You can listen to Spanish music, or listen to your favorite songs translated into Spanish.聽 You can listen to the top music on the Latin music Billboards.聽 You can also watch your <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> favorite movies dubbed in Spanish.聽 Since you already know the movie, you might be able to figure out what the characters are saying in Spanish.聽 You can also watch popular Spanish movie with English subtitles.聽 There are also TV shows and radio stations you can check out.

All of these activities can help your listening and communication skills.聽 You can also find local groups <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> who are devoted to learning Spanish and helping others learn Spanish.聽 These groups might have someone who has a lot in common with you, and you can team up with this person and practice with each other.聽 These groups often have events where all of the members involved have a get together and speak nothing but Spanish.聽 Using Spanish in this way can help you think quickly on your feet, which will be a skill you will need when you actually have to speak and have a conversation with someone who only speaks Spanish.

All of the above methods are easy ways to learn Spanish because they can also be fun.聽 By making learning fun, it won鈥檛 seem so much like work, and you will look forward to each new word you learn and to each new lesson you work on.聽 So really, the easiest way to learn Spanish is to have a good time while doing it!

Find out here how to get you started with your first lesson! from your own site.

Added (2015-12-09, 7:49 AM)

Best Way to Learn Spanish - Spanish is the Second Most Spoken Foreign Language in the World
Spanish is the foreign language that everybody wants to learn, not just because it is sounds pleasing when spoken or it is cool to learn a different language, but because everybody is speaking Spanish. Note that Spanish is the second most spoken foreign language in the world, next to Chinese. Everyone has all <a href="">how <a href="">learn spanish audiobook</a> to learn spanish</a> the abilities to study a foreign language, boys and girls, from kids to adult. Learning a new language is hard at first, yes especially if you have no idea with any of the language鈥檚 background. But it will only be at first, note that, because if you have passion and heart for the language your learning will be easier.

>> Click here to check out the <a href="">learn spanish free</a> program that help me in learning Spanish quickly! <<

Any language needs mastery in order to use it correctly. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. Most of the foreign countries that have been colonized by the Spaniards years ago and some of our words were adopted from Spanish language so most likely you already have a background of it.

Many people also wanted to learn Spanish especially if they are having a trip to a foreign country, and most of them includes Spanish culture in their studies in order to have a little bit of background with the origin of the language. The best way to learn Spanish is to have a proper combination of any techniques in studying it. Proper techniques for hearing, speaking the words right and writing in correct sentence grammar. Another best way to learn Spanish is to find schools and institutions that provide Spanish lesson programs and if you have excess money to afford a private tutor for your learning then it would also be the best way to learn Spanish because you would probably be taught Spanish without difficulty and correctly. There are also other resources you may use if you prefer being self-taught, like software and CD鈥檚 which is much better than books because these materials will offer you better understanding of the language.

Another best way to learn Spanish is through finding some websites online that teach Spanish, this may be too convenient for your part because you don鈥檛 have to spend extra money for a private tutor or to enroll in an institution. You only need to allot extra effort in order to learn the right speaking and the right usage of each word. It is very important that you choose the right website that will give you a comprehensive <a href="">learn spanish free</a> program that include components like correct grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the Spanish alphabet. You have to find a tutorial that allows you to study the language at your own pace, you have to learn the language actively and the most excellent way to do it is to repeat the phrases and words over and over until you get the right pronunciation. Repetition of the lessons is an easy and the best way to learn Spanish; it will make you habituated to both hearing and speaking the language.

>> Learn the program that help me to learn Spanish fast! Click here!

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