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Learning Spanish Reviews Blog 禄 Using Imperative Tense for giving Advice
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Today we are going to take a look at the Imperative Tense.聽 The Imperative Tense is usually used to give advice, making it very common to see in advertisements. Open up any Spanish newspaper or magazine and you will be amazed to <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> find it filled with the Imperative Tense.

鈥淓ntre a nuestro sitio web: 聽www鈥︹€︹€?鈥?(Enter our website:聽 www鈥?)

鈥淏usque nuestro cup贸n en el interior del diario鈥? (Look for our coupon inside this newspaper)

鈥淣o pienses m谩s, compra tu Netbook en Compuword鈥? (Don鈥檛 think anymore, buy your Netbook at Compuword)

鈥淓ste a帽o, vive M茅xico鈥?(This year, experience Mexico)

鈥淎horre comprando en鈥?.鈥?(Save Money buying at鈥?.)

The Advertisements use the forms 鈥淯sted鈥?or 鈥淭煤鈥?according to their target: young people or old people.

The Imperative tense is also very common in daily life to give advice to customers or friends. Let鈥檚 see how we conjugate the Imperative in second person. But, be careful, when used informatively, the Imperative has different conjugations in the affirmative and negative forms.

Afirmative T煤:

Verbs that end in AR: T煤 ComprA

Verbs that end in ER/IR: T煤 ComE, VivE

Verbs in the Present tense 聽that have 鈥済o鈥漣n the first person for example 鈥淭ener鈥?鈥測o tengo鈥? are Irregular Verbs in T煤.

Hacer: Haz. Tener: Ten. Decir: Di. Poner: Pon. Traer: Trae. Venir: Ven.

Negative T煤:

If the verb ends in AR, it <a href="">learn spanish app free</a> is like the 鈥淵o鈥?form in Present tense, but the 鈥淥鈥?changes to 鈥淓S鈥?

For example: Yo compro. Negative Imperative: No compres.

If the verb ends in ER or IR, it is like the 鈥淵o鈥?form in Present tense, but the 鈥淥鈥?changes to 鈥淎S鈥?

For example: Yo tengo. Negative Imperative: No tengas. Yo digo. Negative Imperative: No digas.

Afirmative and Negative Usted:

It is like T煤 in the Negative form but without 鈥淪鈥?

For example: Usted tenga/ Usted no tenga.

There are some verbs that are聽 <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> totally Irregular:

IR: T煤 ve, T煤 No vayas. Usted vaya, Usted no vaya.

Ser: T煤 s茅, T煤 no seas. Usted sea, Usted no sea.

Saber: T煤 sabe, T煤 no sepas. Usted sepa, Usted no sepa.

Estar: T煤 est谩, T煤 no est茅s. Usted est茅, Usted no est茅.

Hopefully this quick lesson will help you learn more about the Imperative Tense.聽 The best way to learn the Imperative it to memorize these little formulas.聽 Once you know the formula, you can use it for almost any verb!聽 Make sure to also memorize the irregulars, as there is no easy formula for these!聽 Good luck!!

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5 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish Quickly

Patience is a virtue you need when leaning languages and although every student wants to learn Spanish quickly, it <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> will take an investment of time to become fluent. But there are some easy ways to help you learn Spanish quickly and in this article, I鈥檓 going to share 5 of my favorites to help you speed up the learning process.

One of the hardest skills to master when learning Spanish <a href="">learn spanish free online audio</a> is understanding clearly when you listen to Spanish. Native Spanish speakers speak very fast indeed and listening to <a href="">learn spanish at home</a> them and understanding Spanish speakers was a real problem for me as it is for many students. A great idea to tune-in your ear is to listen to Spanish/Latin American music while you have the lyrics of the song in front of you. The internet is perfect for this. Search for songs by artists like Santana, Luz, Julieta Vengas, Eros Ramazotti or just search for 鈥淟atin American music鈥?and see what you get! Hint: Use You Tube.

Watch news bulletins in Spanish. If you can access Spanish stations then fine but if not, pop over to YouTube and type in: 鈥淣ews in Spanish鈥?or 鈥渘oticias鈥? There are lots and lots of news bulletins in Spanish there but how about this for a canny tip: type in 鈥渘oticias en libertad鈥? it will return a lot of results and many of these will have subtitles in Spanish, which I find makes it much easier to listen and understand. You could also type in 鈥淢exican weather鈥? or 鈥淪panish weather forecast鈥?as these will also help you to learn Spanish quickly.

Another great way to learn Spanish quickly is to read children鈥檚 comics and teen magazines. The Spanish in these publications isn鈥檛 as advanced as it is in newspapers but they will give you a good feel for how the Spanish language is constructed. Your humble author particularly enjoys the Marvel Spiderman comic. Another good resource I use is the Sunday supplement in La Vanguardia, again the Spanish is much easier to read and understand as well as providing some interesting information about Hispanic lifestyles.

I got this tip from an Argentinian friend of mine who learned to speak English 鈥?and he speaks it fluently 鈥?by using this tip and working in bars where English was mainly spoken. He would watch films in English with Spanish subtitles, eventually without the subtitles. You may be able to rent such films from your local DVD rental <a href="">learn spanish amazon</a> store but if not, nip over to Amazon and search their 鈥淲orld Cinema鈥?category in the DVD section. Many of these films are at bargain prices and will have been reviewed. Just choose the ones that appeal to you!

This is my favorite tip: You can buy books that have dual-language versions of stories. This is now a serious game for me as I try to read and understand as much Spanish as I can, forcing myself not to read the English version. I鈥檒l set a 鈥渘o English for 2 pages鈥?rule and I concentrate hard on understanding the Spanish, even if I have to go over and over and over it! This is great for developing your understanding of the Spanish language and you鈥檒l find plenty of these dual-language books at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

You can use all of the above tips to help you learn Spanish quickly by putting them to the test. The more of the tips you use the more you鈥檒l learn to speak Spanish quickly. Give them a try and watch your Spanish improve in double quick time!

If you鈥檙e looking to聽learn Spanish quickly then pop over to the Streetwise Spanish website. You鈥檒l discover how to add vibrancy, punch and flair to your spoken Spanish by grabbing your free Streetwise Spanish tips!

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Spanish Prepositions: Possession and Properties

In other words: whose is it and what is it made of?

Spanish, like English, has <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> a limited number of prepositions conveying information of the sort 鈥渇rom, of, to, at, for, with, toward鈥?and so on. The problem for the learner is that these terms do not have a one-to-one correspondence from one language to the other. Today鈥檚 topic is the preposition de in two of its uses.

De has many functions. First, we鈥檒l show how to use it to indicate possession. In English, when something belongs to someone, the owner is indicated by adding 鈥榮. (Of course no sound is signaled by the written apostrophe, which is a large literacy problem!)

Lulu鈥檚 dollthe boy鈥檚 bikeMr. Smith鈥檚 job

This even works for inanimate possessors:

the item鈥檚 pricethe book鈥檚 cover

In English, if the possessor is something inanimate, the full prepositional phrase tends to be used <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> for it unless the possessor is being emphasized. For example, you would probably say:

The color of the paint is too dark for this room.

But you might say:

The paint鈥檚 color clashes with the sofa鈥檚 color.

However, in Spanish, the possessor is always expressed by de + noun phrase.

la mu帽eca de Lulu 鈥?Lulu's doll

la bicicleta del ni帽o 鈥?the boy's bicycle

el trabajo del se帽or Smith 鈥?Mr. Smith's job

el precio del art铆culo 鈥?the item's price

el forro del libro 鈥?the book's cover

Note that del is a contraction of de + el 鈥渙f the鈥? De la remain separate words used if the owner is a feminine gender noun.

el color de la pintura 鈥?the paint's color

la manga de la chaqueta 鈥?the jacket's sleeve.

Another use of de, which may be useful to the Spanish learner <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> who is going shopping or traveling, is to express the name of the material from which something is made.

el su茅ter de lana 鈥?the wool sweater

una pulsera de oro 鈥?a gold bracelet

unos aretes de plata 鈥?some silver earrings

las ollas de barro 鈥?the clay pots

una chaqueta de cuero 鈥?a leather jacket

Note that in this use of de, corresponding to 鈥渙f鈥? there is no article before the noun specifying the material of which something is made.

Now that you can answer the questions:

驴De qui茅n es? 鈥?Whose is it?

驴De qu茅 est谩 hecho? 鈥?Of what is it made?

鈥et鈥檚 try some mini-dialogues:

Q: 驴De qui茅n es esta chaqueta? 鈥?Whose is this jacket?

A: La chaqueta de cuero es de Juan. La de lana es de Antonio. 鈥?The leather jacket is Juan's. The wool one is Antonio's.Q: 驴Qu茅 clase de joyer铆a desea ver, se帽orita? 鈥?What sort of jewelry would you like to see, Miss?

A: Quisiera ver las pulseras y los aretes de plata por favor. 鈥?I would like to see the silver bracelets and earrings, please.Q: 驴Estos platos son de barro o de porcelana, se帽or? 鈥?Are these earthenware <a href="">learn spanish words</a> or porcelain plates, sir?

A: Los platos son de porcelana y los plateles son de barro muy fino. 鈥?The plates are of porcelain and the platters are of very fine earthenware.Q: 驴De qu茅 son las canastas? 鈥?What are the baskets (made) of?

A: Algunas son de totora y otras son de mimbre. 鈥?Some are of reed and others are of wicker.Espero que todo esto es鈥βe utilidad!

Added (2015-12-09, 6:05 AM)

Get Rid of the Frustrating Aspects in Learning SpanishTo learn to speak Spanish audio plus the visual method by way of the Visual Link Spanish鈩?will guarantee you 99% success rate. This method is a comprehensive and stress-free way to make you learn how to converse in Spanish quickly. The use of this media will specifically develop all types of people in all walks of life. Thus, its use has been recognized as an effective tool for learning at the university level, reputable corporations, travel and even for homeschoolers.

To learn Spanish, click here:If you or you want your kids to learn Spanish online for free, this course would come in very handy and most convenient. The software is developed in such a way that to learn to speak Spanish audio program can be downloaded into your iPod and mp3 devices. What鈥檚 more you can listen to the lessons at your most convenient time. While with your computer you can utilize our fun learn <a href="">learn spanish abroad</a> Spanish online for free interactive lessons and subsequent courses that you could download.

An interactive mode of lesson presentation, allow learning to be fun. In this era of computer and online games, it is common knowledge that it could get difficult for kids to learn by any other means. Learning by way of the media they love to relate to can help achieve learning goals easily. This <a href="">easiest way to learn spanish</a> allows the application of unique learning styles that caters to kids鈥?individual mode of learning ability. Learn to speak Spanish audio and visual method integrated into the interactive lesson puts the needs of these students in the proper perspective.

The Visual Link庐 learn Spanish is an authority <a href="">learn spanish online for free</a> in terms of the criteria needed for the proficiency of learning Spanish quickly. The use of information with learn Spanish online for free greatly enhances mental processes in terms of memory retention and recall of words. <a href="">learn spanish free online audio</a> Note that even demo lessons on this site page can easily demonstrate how much learning you have gained by way of our learn to speak Spanish audio and visual lessons.

To Learn Spanish Today, click here: Visual Link Spanish

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Added (2015-12-09, 6:05 AM)

Welcome to the World of Endless Hispanic AdventuresHow can one learn to speak Spanish language with an almost flawless efficiency? Apart from building and completing sentences, to learn to speak Spanish language online for free will teach you with the proper way of pronouncing the words. This is an effective method in enabling you to speak like a native speaker fast.聽 With 201 interactive lessons, you can be sure that every activity would be fun and engaging.

To learn Spanish, click here: The need to learn Spanish is usually related to travel necessities, which is why the choice for this language is increasing in popularity. Latin American countries have strong drawing power for tourist, due to its natural beauty and diversity. It implies a thrill-seeking and exhilarating travel experience.

To learn to speak Spanish language would make the adventure an even more awesome experience as you contemplate to participate in exciting tours into the jungles or even to rediscover Charles Darwin鈥檚 Galapagos Islands. It was in this island that Darwin studied a great number of its endemic species, thereby establishing Darwin鈥檚 theory of evolution by natural selection.

As a traveler getting around in Ecuador to learn to speak Spanish language could impart valuable conversational pieces with regards directions or even ordering food in a restaurant. Why not learn Spanish online for free and see how the sample lessons can make you discover how the entire course works for you. The Visual Link Spanish software <a href="">learn spanish audio cd</a> will ensure that you can learn wherever you go, as the lessons can be downloaded into your iPod or MP3.

The Galapagos is isolated from mainland Ecuador by 1,000 km. It <a href="">learn spanish at home</a> has a thriving tourism industry with a human population of over 30,000. So get ready for a travel to the exotic wonders of Galapagos and try to learn Spanish <a href="">learn spanish free online audio</a> online for free. There is simply no substitute for the no. 1 software that could <a href="">best way to learn spanish</a> make you learn to speak Spanish language fast!

To Learn Spanish Today, click here:聽聽 Learn Spanish Online For Free

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