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Bullfighting Has Been A Part Of Spanish History For Many Hundreds Of Years.Bullfighting

In the years between 711 and 1492 <a href="">how to learn spanish</a> A D in Iberia there was the Spanish War of the Reconquest. While it was ongoing, the knights, Christians and Moors, in the breaks they would take from fighting each other would compete in hunting contests. They would normally hunt deer, bear and boar but the thrill of the hunt was not what they thought it could be. The animals were replaced by the Iberian bull and the thrill was suddenly greatly increased the thrill of man vs. beast was born, giving the soldiers the adrenalin rush <a href="">learn spanish at home</a> they were looking for.

Thus began the history of this great cultural clash between human and beast. The Iberian bull was a mighty beast that would rather fight than run therefore the challenge of bravery was to go up against the enormous beast. In this area began what is known as the Spanish <a href="">learn spanish free</a> bull fights of today.

The very first clash between man and beast which made a historical impression was in Vera, Logrono in 1133. The coronation of King Alfonso VIII was to take place. As kings would do during those days a corridas or bullfight was arranged in honor of his coronation. When the Spanish War of the Reconquest was over the clashing of man and beast spread across Spain.

When King Philip II and Pope Pius V tried to stop these clashes the people would not obey the decree. It was reinstated when Pope Gregory VIII decided to listen to the people and allow it to be legal again. When the French Bourbon dynasty arrived in Spain, the noblemen caught up in royalty quit frequenting theclashes. This left it to the ordinary citizens of Spain. They could not have been more pleased to have control of something that was a remnant of their heritage.

It changed around 1724 when King Felipe V banned the noble families from participating. This caused the common people to take the <a href="">learn spanish audiobook</a> sport as theirs. They had no money for horses so the art of fighting the bulls on foot was born as can be seen in modern day Spain. The bullfight and the flamenco are part of the culture and are still practiced today with as much zest as they were many years ago.

Famous Matadors

Juan Belmonte Garcia was considered to be the greatest bullfighter (matador) of all times by many. His career began in 1908 when he was a part of the Los Ni帽os Sevillanos,

which was a children's bullfighting group. Garcia was a different breed of matador. He was fearless when it came to the bull and was seriously wounded many times by the horns of the bulls.

Jose Gomez Ortega, also known as Joselito was a matador in the early part of the 20th century. He was born into a family of matadors. His father was the famous matador known as "El Gallo" and his older brother was known by the same name. Joselito was the youngest ever to receive the famed title of matador at the young age of 17. This period of time was known as the Golden Age of clashes between man and beast, which was a result of these matadors and their famous battles. Joselito lost his life in the ring at the age of 25 when he was fatally gored in a competitive battle. His brother-in-law, Ignacio Sanchez Mejias, another famous matador was part of the competition.

Today's matadors

If you visit Spain today you can spend time with one of the most famous matadors of the 20th century. Don Antonio spends his day breeding the huge beasts for the ring now but he was one of the most revered matadors of his time. The stories you will hear and the legends that are a part of this culture will charm and enchant you.

Visiting his ranch will give you the opportunity to see the fearsome beasts that are used in the fights for yourself. You will be in awe of these magnificent animals and the matadors who brave the horns for the thrill of the ring. An arranged demonstration of the custom can be part of your experience. See for yourself the danger the bullfighters face every time they step into the ring.

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